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Beyoglu makes yourself at home, Amasya is a prince's city you can be a witness of the history of the city. Beyoglu Hotel & Restaurant entered service in Yaliboyu in August 2014. Beyoglu Hotel & Restaurant aims to welcome you guests with its environmentally friendly facility, professional and welcoming team. You can witness the 7500-year history of prince’s city Amasya, and the King Kaya Tombs of the Hellenistic turn, the Amasya Castle, and the unique beauty Yaliboyu houses while watching our garden restaurant. Our facility is located in the center of the King of rock tombs, Hazeranlar Mansion, Sultan II. Bayezid Mosque, Miniature Amasya Museum, the Archaeological, and Wax Museum is located a 5-minute by walk. SabuncuogluSerefeddin Medical Museum (Bimarhane) is 800 meters away from to the Beyoglu Hotel &. Restaurant. Beyoglu Hotel & Restaurant, which is specially designed for your private or business travels, provides to guests more comfortable in both Hotel and Restaurant. Beyoglu Hotel & Restaurant wants to protect environment and nature with use environmental friendly technology. BEYOGLU Hotel & Restaurant aims to provide a perfect accommodation experience for your guests with a service approach aimed at excellence. Beyoglu Hotel & Restaurant has total 20 rooms which are 14 standards, 6 deluxe rooms with high technological products like, Led TV, Phone, Mini Bar, Wireless Internet access, Free set-up, Laminated flooring, dimmable curtains, Hair dryer, 24 Hours Room Service, safe deposit box. We offer every kind of service and comfort to our guests with our many superior features such as ironing and dry cleaning service - indoor and outdoor parking - valet service. You feel as comfortable as your home in your accommodation, you will be delighted with the comfort of the most luxurious hotel. Beyoglu Hotel & Restaurant gives its guests a "gourmet" service. If you want to feel relax, you can use both our Hotel Room or our Restaurant. You will be able to have the experience to see the history of 7500 years to Harsena Castle and its huts in the garden restaurant. Beyoglu Hotel & Restaurant is a perfect example of life in the world. Versatile and highly alternative services shape the whole for you; It offers happiness beyond the borders. Special occasions such as weddings, invitations, birthdays are also enriched in Beyoglu Hotel & Restaurant. The quality and perfection of Beyoglu add color to your unforgettable days with a magical ambiance. Beyoglu Hotel & Restaurant enriches the stay with unlimited taste. Total capacity is 300 people in Restaurant; you will enjoy the food and drink culture with the most special selections from Turkish and World cuisines. Beyoglu Hotel & Restaurant gives its guests a "gourmet" service without exception. Enjoy the delicious food and comfortable hotel on your travel. You can start your day with a fresh and rich breakfast menu in the modern and warm atmosphere of our restaurant which consists of Garden, Balcony, and Saloon sections. You can drink your first coffee with the feeling of 7500 years old texture in Amasya. We can prepare regional and international flavors, also we have delicious A La Carte menus.

BEYOĞLU Otel & Restaurant

Comfortable Rooms!

You can spend enjoy full time and talk with your family or your friends with a comfortable and stylish environment. Beyoglu Hotel & Restaurant offer you unforgettable memories with architecture, comfort, and professional team.

“Very friendly service, warm atmosphere, beautifully designed rooms, good breakfast.”
BEYOĞLU Otel & Restaurant